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Band News

The Meanies have recently toured right up Australia's east coast. Check the gigs page for details of future gigs.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, the double 7" version of THE MEANIES ep
"Six Suitable Tracks" is available. And not before time, let me tell you.

Now of course you can get fabulous tunes such as 'Buffalo Free',
'Evolution', 'Amoeba Implosion' and more on both cd and vinyl.

THE MEANIES ep "Secrets of the Ancients Revealed" will be available
here via Spanish label Munster Records soon!!!

Site News

Finally we have added a merchandise page to the site featuring t-shirts, stubby holders and CDs available for purchase.
Added the first review of Six Suitable Tracks. Will hopefully be many more to come. Stay tuned. Samples of Six Suitable Tracks have been added to the sound page in RealAudio format. Transcribed some more reviews. A new banner put up at the top of the frame, and old fliers put up on the Gigs page.