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10% Weird review from The Adelaide Advertiser

The dulcet tones of The Meanies have delighted many a young punk band in recent years and, on 10% Weird, the band has provided more music to skate, stage-dive and slam to.

Master lyricist and vocalist Link Meanie has penned 14 very loud, very fast songs which the band rips through in the impressive time of just over 30 minutes.

Topics explored on the album range from sustenance (Eating Roaches) to grief (Grandmother's Dead) and romance (Corpse in Love). There is enough material on this record to offend most of Australia. My bold guess is that it will receive no mainstream attention and that the Meanies' invitation to rock - and rock stupidity - will go unheard.

This is a tremendous pity as The Meanies are loads of harmless, high-volume fun and deserve to have their albums bought by the boxful.

- David Penberthy, 15 Dec 1994