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10% Weird review from In Press

Without doubt this is The Meanies best album to date. They've made every post a winner with this album, bringing all sorts of influences to bear, not the least of which there are several asides on the album refering to the band's up and down relationship with some parts of the media. Whatever it is that has motivated this album has given them the edge and 10% Weird is a perfect finger in the air to the band's detractors.

There are fourteen tracks of sophisticated hardcore pop writing on this album and show that the band are developing the skills that will make them one of the bands to emerge from Melbourne this decade. Their impressive under age following will also ensure that their influence will remain even if they don't.

I guess in the end The Meanies are either a band you love or love to hate, but we may see a change in that attitude if this album gets exposure because it is an excellent album of hard pop from one of our most successful and yet underrated bands.

- Darrell Bassett