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10% Weird review from Magnet

I understand the four guys here are big with the younglings in the band's native Melbourne, Australia. Can see how, too, with The Meanies' popgunk redux. The first cut, the title track, is a jokey, power pop nugget; in fact, that aptly describes all 14 songs here. Although the guys lack originality in picking stage names - Linky Meanie, D.D. Meanie, Wally Meanie and Ringo Meanie (the drummer, natch) - the Meanies prove they have the snot punk thing down pat. OK, so they rip off the Ramones. At least they're fun. Oh, while you're at it, check out the Meanies' full length debut, In Search Of..., as well as a handful of seven-inchers. Rock on, Linky.

-John Elsasser