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10% Weird review from Rocket

I hate discovering bands like this. I don't mean that I hate bands like this. I love bands like this; it's just that I always seem to catch on to them like two years after everybody else and I hate that. I guess they are pop-punk, but in a very punk heavy manner. They certainly aren't losing an ounce of toughness to their pop leanings. Listen to the guitar for God's sake; there isn't a whole lot of room for pop in that buzzsaw scream. The drums and bass (in that order) are totally up front for that "we know what the most important instruments in real rock are" sound. Over the top of it is this fabulous grasp of what a vocal melody ought to be and it's wielded by a very engaging singer. Why is it that if a guy knows how to song, the band he's in isn't a plain old punk band anymore?

-Marlin Mangels, March 95