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10% Weird review from The Buzz

The Meanies, who don't give themselves enough credit for weirdness, have a new album out called "10% Weird".

These home grown punk thrashers are one of the most popular alternative bands in the country and their new album is loaded with short, fast, furious and catchy songs that are typically Meanies.

The pre-album single "Conan" is included as well as the title chant and the strange "Eating Roaches. "Redneck Door" is a standout and "Smack Bottom" is excellent with some great guitarring. "Example to Change" is a gutsy rock-solid track with some good harmonies. Like the Ramones, who I believe have a fair bit of influence on the Meanies, their music is hard and fast but also melodic and containing pop sensibility alongside the punk attitude.

All the songs are written by singer Link, who also handled the cover artwork. fourteen tracks take not time to get through, number twelve "Hold on Champ" goes for 52 seconds, running at a manic pace. "Pull Your String" is a bit slower but has just as much power and plenty of catchiness. Overall, this is a powerful album that should please all of the Meanies fan legion and indeed anyone who's interested in the sort of heavy indie rock.