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Live review from Beat

Punters Club 19th August 2000

It's been almost five years since the Meanies broke up, but Saturday night proved that they have definitely not been forgotten. All the old fans were there to show their dedication, screaming for the old favourites that originally drew them to the Meanies, but unfortunately for them this was not to be. "If you came here expecting a best of the Meanies, well bad luck", from Link, before launching into a stream of new songs, all shiny and fresh but still distinctively Meanies.

Despiter the various other projects in the five years the band has been quiet, it was great to see them again. The band had put a lot of thought into this night, from the well scripted set list full of newies but with the good oldies placed in just the right places, to the impeccable dress sense ("don't mess with the suit!").

Link had a little problem juggling two microphones and a beer bottle, and more than once began a song singing into the bottle. It's all for special effect you see? Apparently we wouldn't understand...

This waas a great night at the Punters, it was a good preview to the new Meanies EP, which I am sure is going to be approved by even the oldes of fans, as well as the new ones it will bring. It was also the debut appearance of new guitarist Simon. Hopefully now that they are back they will be sticking around for a long time.

- Tanya Lumley, 23rd August 2000