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Ton of Bricks review from Concrete Press

This latest offering from The Meanies is true classic punk-pop, with just a touch of metal. So with a combination like that you can be assured this is well worth listening to about twenty times. The driving guitars and hell screams from Link give the song a real manic feel.

The CD also features four bonus cuts from fave 7's, live recordings and outtakes. How's this, 'One Right to Grieve', 'Rhyming Logic', 'Homonculous' and 'Monopoly Money' all on the one disc.

The use of two guitars thickens things right out and gives the band a heaps better sound. Why? Becausee it's heavier. The heavier the better, I say.

It never ceases to amaze me how this band continues to produce the standard of music they do, but rarely receive the recognition they deserve. Even though they have a pretty strong following, they should be up there with the likes of Green Day and Offspring. Their music is ten times better, plus they're Aussies.

So if you haven't had a taste of The Meanies, this one should well and truly fuel your appetite...and if you have already, you can rest assured the boys haven't let themselves or their fans down with this one.

- Ken Oath