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Ton of Bricks review from The Entertainer

Link's roaring vocal lead the Melbourne-based band The Meanies into a frenzy of guitar mania with a TON OF BRICKS (Au-go-go) being nothing but wicked with a capital W.

The short but sharp EP, with guitarists DD and Tas going berserk, has a shot at what most people hate - robotic bureaucracy - and it is the third single to be taken from The Meanies' 12-track album 10% Weird.

Ton Of Bricks - which includes a few non-album bonus tracks - and the album top off a big year for The Meanies after they toured Australia with Pearl Jam in March and blasted Europe in June.

The Meanies are set to tour Australia again, but for Tasmanian fans there'll be no joy. They won't be coming here. Shame, but the next best thing - Ton of Bricks stoked on loud and proud - is a brilliant second best that will disturb the neighbours no worries.

- Brian Semmens