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This is the discography of the Meanies E.P's!

Gangrenous MLP/CD/CASS ANDA-132

Gangrenous / Dr Seuss / Try History // Cock Rock Clips / Like That II / Play The Slay Bells / Song For Suzy.
These seven tracks were recorded because the "Come 'n' See" album was delayed by Ringo's overseas trip in the middle of 1991. Released September 1991. Produced and engineered by A.O'B and us at Atlantis. The 10" was limited to 1500 (500 each - green, red, plum vinyl) and is deleted. The casette has "Big Bertha" and You're Pathetic" from the live "Wally's Wild Weekend" LP added.

In Search Of... MLP/CD/CASS ANDA-150

Wonderland / Monopoly Money / Once Again // House Of Bassinet / Round In Circles / Update / Keep A Balance.
Released October 1992. First 1000 of the MLP were supposed to be white vinyl, but are mostly murky shades of brown and grey!
Engineered at Atlantis by Nathan Binstack. Produced at Sing Sing by A.O'B and us.
Also released in Japan on Time Bomb (BOMB-06).

Six Suitable Tracks

Buffalofree / Evolution / Solediner / Dance In The Tornado / Lucky Charm / Amoeba Implosion.
Brand new 6 track ep out now!!!