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This is the discography of the Meanies Singles!
(mostly taken from ANDA-160 "The Meanie Of Life")

Darkside Of My Mind / Meanie Way / You're Pathetic 7" ANDA-121

"Darkside..." was one of the first songs we ever learnt.
Released October 1990. 500 only. Deleted.
Produced and engineered by Michael 'Ded' Kennedy and us at Recordio.

The Reason Why / Groovie Meanies / Don't Smile 7" ANDA-126

"The Reason Why" is about as close as we've ever come to a ballad.
Released November 1990. 750 only. Deleted.
Produced and engineered by Ded and us at Recordio, exept "Groovie Meanies" which we did at Stable with A.O'B.

Lyin' / The Meanie Twist / I'm Amazed 7" ANDA-125

"Lyin'" is one of our favourites. It got some tasty reviews, too, and you've gotta be happy with that.
Released January 1991. 750 only. Deleted.
Produced and engineered by Ded at Recordio.

Paranoid / What Am I To Do? / Welcome Back To Me 7" ANDA-127

Finally we released a single that didn't have a song with Meanie in it's title on it. It did have "Meanie Surprise" listed on the cover, but that's exactly all it was - a Meanie "Surprise!". Quite silly, realy.
Released March 1991. 1000 only. Deleted.
Produced and engineered by Ded and us at Recordio.

Never / Steve Sex God / Sorry 'Bout The Violence 7" ANDA-130

This was supposed to be released in advance of the "Come 'n' See" album. But Ringo went overseas and we couldn't release the album without Ringo. We had a bunch of new songs we wanted to record so we went and did "Gangrenous". Released May 1991. 1500 only. Deleted.
Side A produced and engineered by Ded at Silkwood. Side B by A.O'b and us at Stable Sound.

Probe TV / Record Sale / Macho Wankers 7" ANDA-131

This was a single given away at a gig in Sydney and one in Melbourne. "Probe TV" is one of our oldest songs. "Record Sale" is about something we hate - the death of vinyl.
Released June 1991. 1000 only. Deleted.
Produced and engineered by A.O'B and us at Stable Sound, exept "Macho Wankers" recorded live at the Tote Hotel by Ded; and produced by Ded and Simon Grounds at Simon's house.

Scum / The Meanie Way / Groovie Meanies 7" SFTRI-141

Released August 1991 on Sympathy For The Record Industry in the USA. 1500 copies, red or white vinyl.
"Scum" was produced and engineered by Ded at Silkwood. See elsewhere for the other two.

Inside / Steve Sex God / Record Sale 7" LR-002

This Canadian played noticably slow, but it got some good reviews overseas. Maybe we should've taken a hint.
Released January 1992 on Lance Records in Canada. 1000 only (including 22 yellow vinyl copies). Deleted.
"Inside" was produced and engineered by Ded and us at Silkwood. See elsewhere for the other two.

Them / Mantra / Goodbye Man 7" JUMI-002

We never expected that we'd have a single out in Finland! Our first European release. On the mighty Jukkim record label. "Them" is from "Come 'n' See". "Goodbye Man" is an alteernative version of the track from "Come 'n' See". "Mantra" is from the "Oh God pt 3" cassette.
Released January 1993. 1000 only.

Dead Stuff / Cruelty's Fun / Emulator / Lay Your Body Down CDS ANDA-161

The new stuff!
Released August 1993. Unlimited.
Recorded at Sing Sing. Engineered by A.O'b. Produced by A.O'B and us.

Just What You Need / Best Feel Good Movie / Play The Slay Bells 7" GH-159

A couple of newies and a live version of "Play The Slay Bells", recorded by JJJ at the Melbourne Big Day OUt, 24/1/93. Produced by Chris Thompson.
Released on Get Hip Records in the USA.
Studio tracks recorded at Sing Sing by A.O'B.
Produced by A.O'b and us.

One right To Grieve / Monolith / Song For Suzy 7" Munster Records/Ref.7049

Not sure when this one came out. The back cover appears to be a Vic Dana 7" with a few alterations c/o Linky's biro.

Conan CDS ANDA-???

Conan / Laymans Guide To Heaven / Hologram / Hat Of The Gods. Sorry guys, i can't find my copy of this one.
Released in 1994 I think?

Ten Percent Weird (The Single) CDS ANDA-186

10% Weird / Hollywood Dreamin' / Family Tree / Aim In Straight Lines. The second single from the 10% Weird album.
Released in 1994 I think?
Recorded at Egg Studios by Conrad Uno, assisted by Mark Guenther, mixed by Conrad and Link.

Ton Of Bricks CDS ANDA-???

Will have to ask heath about this one...
Released in 1994 I think?